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Now in its fourth year, the Gay Agenda 2015 is an indispensable guide for those who want to achieve full legal equality as promised in the United States Constitution.

Gay Agenda 2015


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This is the 2015 edition of the popular series, The Gay Agenda. It includes all up to date information about how to achieve legal equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. If you have not yet read any of the Gay Agenda books, this is the time! If you have read the prior editions go directly to Part IV about what to do in 2015. Find answers to questions such as:

  • What are the most important actions you can take in 2015? (see ten actions in chapter 50)
  • What strategies can you pursue to be a more effective donor? (see chapter 59)
  • What are the arguments for the Supreme Court? (see chapter 51)
  • Is there any backlash from the success on marriage? (chapter 54)
  • Has President Obama delivered on being a fierce advocate? (see chapter 55)
  • In how many states there is full equality for LGBT people? (see chapter 56)
  • Isn't it true that "politics is the art of the possible"? (see chapter 41)
  • What's missing for full equality in your state? (see chapters 56 and 57)
  • Is anybody keeping real score about how far we are in reaching equality? (see chapter 29)
  • Who has taken creative actions to foster LGBT equality? (see chapter 61)
  • How can you be more effective as an activist? (see chapter 62)
  • Is it there a full declaration of principles for achieving full equality? (see chapter 30)
  • Has anyone written a comprehensive bill for full equality? (see chapter 53)

Many more topics are addressed. Check the table of contents below. This book is updated yearly and it is divided into four parts:

  • Part I describes what LGBT means and the arguments used to deny equal treatment under the law to this group of people.
  • Part II shows what the gay agenda is in detail, including the goals to be achieved.
  • Part III describes the different paths available to achieve equality.
  • Part IV details specific actions you can take in 2015 to achieve legal equality for the LGBT community.
  • Finally, the epilogue describes the ultimate goal, beyond legal equality.



The book has three main characteristics:

  • Very comprehensive guide to LGBT equality
  • Very easy to read (281 pages divided into 64 short, very-focused chapters)
  • Directed to a wide audience: activists, LGBT people, allies, and people who can be swayed by the arguments the opposition is using about freedom of religion, family values, etc 



“This is a wonderful book! The way it is written makes it good for LGBT people and beyond. The layout makes it easy to read.”
    —L.G. Gracey
      President, Grace Concepts

“This is an excellent read, an incredibly important contribution to the LGBT community, and an important work. Thanks for keeping it up to date.”
    —Stephen E. Herbits
      Activist donor

“With true stories and personal tidbits, Dr. Jover weaves a powerful narrative from start to finish detailing why it is high time that we unite and work to ensure true legal equality for our LGBT brothers and sisters.”
    —Sailesh K. Rao
       Executive Director, Climate Healers

“This is an easily read book from the inside of the LGBT activist community. Juan knows about what he writes.”
    —David L. Andreas
       Retired Bank Executive



  • If you have read any of the previous editions of The Gay Agenda, read Part IV in detail since it is completely new and describes the actions to take in 2015.
  • If you are seeking to understand the most important social issue of our generation, this book is for you (especially Part I and the epilogue).
  • If you are a parent or grandparent interested in family values and protecting your children, this book is for you (especially Parts I, II, and the epilogue).
  • If you are a policy maker, independently of party affiliation, who wants to write laws that are fair, this book is for you (read it all).
  • If you are a religious person interested in preserving your freedom of religion, this book is for you (especially Part I and the epilogue).
  • If your sexual orientation or gender identity or expression does not fit that of the majority, this book is for you. You may know some of the information presented, but you will gain insights and inspiration for fighting for equal treatment under the law (so read it all and take action).
  • If you are a believer in equality, this book is for you. You may know some of the book’s content, but read it all and take action.



Dr. Juan Ahonen-Jover - The Gay AgendaJuan Ahonen-Jover, Ph.D, is an entrepreneur who did well and is now doing good. He is the creator and cofounder of eQualityGiving, ActOnPrinciples, eQualityThinking, and Loving Everywhere, and the convener of the Omnibus Bill and the Dallas Principles—all focused on the fundamental principle that everyone should be treated equally under the law.

Juan was awarded a Fulbright fellowship and was educated at Stanford University in supercomputers and business. He has four advanced degrees and is fluent in four languages. He co-authored a book on computers and is an innovator in election protection.

Juan enjoys speaking engagements from time to time. Contact him below.


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What We Accomplished in 2014

What We Accomplished in 2013

What We Accomplished in 2012

Part I: Who Are These LGBT People?

    1. Who Are These Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) People?

    2. A Day in the Life of a Family

    3. A Bad Day in the Life of a Family

    4. Your Family’s Values

    5. Defining Family

    6. It’s Unnatural!

    7. You Are Sick!

    8. The Bible Says So

    9. Your Freedom of Religion

    10. Is Homosexuality a Choice?

    11. Let Me Straighten You

    12. Don’t Flaunt It!

    13. Understand, Accept, and Respect

    14. It’s About Freedom; It’s About Being Better People

    15. Summary: Who Are These LGBT People?

Part II: Why A Gay Agenda?

    16. Special Rights

    17. If I Am Not Gay, Why Should I Care about Gay Rights?

    18. Barney Frank’s Radical Homosexual Agenda

    19. Thinking Bigger

    20. Q: What’s the Gay Agenda?
    21. It’s Not Rocket Science

    22. Equality Goal: Nondiscrimination

    23. Equality Goal: Marriage Equality  

    24. Equality Goal: Protecting Youth

    25. Equality Goal: Same-Gender Parenting

    26. Equality Goal: Freedom of Gender

    27. Equality Goal: Serving in the Military

    28. Equality Goal: Hate-Crimes Legislation

    29. Keeping Score

    30. What Happened in Dallas?

    31. A Movement for All

    32. Summary: Equal under the Law

Part III: Different Paths?

    33. Three Main Paths

    34. Path #1: The Courts

    35. Activist Judges

    36. Supreme Indecision

    37. Path #2: The Legislatures

    38. Counting the Money

    39. They Were Wrong

    40. Insiders and Outsiders

    41. Politics As the Art of the Possible

    42. More Republicans Are In

    43. From Endorsements to Legislation: Act on Principles

    44. Path #3: Popular Vote

    45. Winning Hearts and Minds

    46. Equal Rights and Businesses

    47. Building Alliances

    48. Summary: The Paths to Equality

Part IV: What You Can Do In 2015

    49. Loving & More

    50. Your Turn: Ten Actions You Can Take in 2015

    51. Back to the Supremes

    52. Loving Everywhere

    53. Equality Act: Equal Once and for All

    54. The New Frontier: Blatant Discrimination

    55. Make the President Do It

    56. Reaching 100 Percent in the States

    57. The Other Thirty States

    58. How Much Is Equality Worth to You?

    59. Strategic and Creative Donors

    60. Your Turn: Supporting Organizations

    61. Acting Differently

    62. Your Turn, Your Way

    63. My Turn, My Way

    64. Summary: Loving & More

A Respectful Message for You

Epilogue: The Ultimate Goal

Thank You!

About the Author

Appendix 1: Notable LGBT People

Appendix 2: The Dallas Principles

Appendix 3: Good Companies  

Appendix 4: Equality & Religious Freedom Act Proposal


Gay Agenda 2015


> Available instantly via Kindle ($3.99 or free for KindleUnilimed).

> Available in paperback ($10.88) from the publisher, Amazon and other retailers.

 > Buy multiple copies for your friends, family, coworkers, organizations. Enter code LDQBYR43 for a 20% discount on multiple copies.


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